Schedule a Mediation.

Mediation Options.

Half Day. Five hours included.

Full Day.   Ten hours included.

Complex Matters. Additional fees apply to complex matters. This includes class, PAGA, multi-plaintiff and other matters requiring extraordinary preparation.

Travel. Included for in-person mediations in Southern California, the San Joaquin Valley, and the Central Coast.

Weekend. Additional fees apply to weekend mediations.

Prep. Included. Pre-mediation calls are included.

Case Management. Included.

Schedule a Mediation.

To schedule your mediation, please email or call (661) 205 - 5106.

Bret Geck Mediator of Litigated and Commercial Disputes
Bret Geck Mediator of Litigated and Commercial Disputes

Billing & Cancellation.

Invoices are sent following mediation.  Bret understands that despite our best efforts schedules constantly change.  Requests to reschedule and cancellations effected in writing seven days prior to the scheduled mediation date will incur no charge.  If the seven-day mark has passed, and your mediation date can be backfilled with another case, you will incur no charge.